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Natural Beauty

Modern options in quality false eyelashes aren’t just for glamour-girls or high-society mavens. They van help casual gals add allure and intrigue to even their most natural and low-key looks as well.

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  1. Natural-Beauty-105
  2. Natural-Beauty-104
  3. Natural-Beauty-103
  4. Natural-Beauty-102
  5. Natural-Beauty-101

Red Carpet

When it comes to today’s most high caliber, style-centric events, not just any look will do and with good reason. Today’s contemporary false eyelash options can help you stand out and make sure you turn all the right heads at your next events. Let us help you complete your red carpet look.

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  1. Red-Carpet-202
  2. Red-Carpet-201


Let us help you feel like a million dollars with our complete collection of elegant fashion eyelash options for today’s modern woman. Whether you’re looking for sophistication, vintage, or contemporary casual, we have the right pick to help you add the finishing touch to a beautiful look that is uniquely you.

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  1. Elegance-302
  2. Elegance-301


Every modern woman needs to spin a little glamour into her life these days no matter what her lifestyle may happen to be. Let our incredible selection of high quality false eyelash options transform you into your own version of a vintage screen goddess or a runway model.

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  1. Glamour-403
  2. Glamour-402
  3. Glamour-401


When it comes to parties, clubs, and fun occasions of all types, false eyelashes can help add the finishing touch to any eye-catching look. Choose from today’s hottest options in fashion colors, fun style, and eclectic artistic options with our selection of Elura Candy options.

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  1. Candy-501