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False Eyelashes Complete Guide

False eyelashes can be a wonderful way to add a little bit of glamour and intrigue to your look without a lot of fuss or expense. However, if you’re new to false eyelashes, they can come alongside a little bit of a learning curve. Here’s how to make sure you get the most out of yours.

How to Apply Strip False Eyelashes

Strip false eyelashes are valued for their ability to create a thick, lush lash look you’ll love. However, applying them correctly and naturally is definitely an exercise in know-how. Here’s where to start.

  • Adjust the length of the false lashes by trimming to your desired length first. Be sure to trim lashes individually to make sure you get the most natural look.
  • Start with make-up free lids and gently curled eyelashes for best results.
  • Apply a sparing strip of lash glue along the base of the false lash strip using a toothpick or ultra-skinny make-up brush. Avoid using fingers, as they can make the process messy.
  • Apply lash strip as close to the roots of your natural lashes as possible. Start with the outer corner of the eye and work inward.
  • Gently press the lashes into position with clean fingers or a q-tip and allow glue to set for a few moments.
  • Apply your eye make-up in a way that helps blend the false lashes in with your own. Use eyeliner that matches the color of the lashes. Also be sure to finish with mascara in order to ensure a perfect blend with your own lashes.

How to Apply Individual False Lashes

In contrast to the lush, glamorous look you can achieve with strip false eyelashes, individual false lashes present a great way to fill out the lashes you already have for a more natural look. Here’s how to make applying them a snap.

  • As with full strip eyelashes, you should first check your individual false lashes for length. Trim lashes individually in order to maintain a natural, tasteful look. Lashes toward the outside of the eye should always be left slightly longer.
  • Make sure your eyes are free of any eye make-up before application. If your lashes are naturally straight, curl your existing lashes beforehand using an eyelash curler to make application easier.
  • Apply individual false lashes by placing a drop or two of eyelash glue on a hard surface. Pick up individual lashes with tweezers, dip the roots into the glue, and apply.
  • Apply lashes as close to the roots of your real lashes as possible, starting at the outside of your eye. For a more natural look, attach the lashes in clusters, leaving natural spaces between lashes. Avoid applying to the inside of the eye.
  • Let lash glue dry and then put on make-up as usual. Be sure to include mascara to help blend your real lashes in with the false ones flawlessly.

How to Remove False Eyelashes

Although it can seem like a process that presents a challenge, removing your false eyelashes is really quite a simple process. Don’t worry about pulling out or damaging your real eyelashes! False eyelashes were absolutely made to come off painlessly with a little know-how.

  • You can remove false eyelashes with just a little bit of ordinary eye make-up remover or cold cream, whichever you personally prefer. Dip a cotton swab or q-tip in a decent-sized amount to start with.
  • Gently but generously apply the eye make-up remover over where your false lashes are applied. Allow it to sit in place for a minute or two. This gives the cream time to begin dissolving the glue that holds your lashes in place.
  • Wipe excess remover off gently with a tissue or swab. Gently grasp the outer edge of the false eyelash strip and pull off from the outside in. It should come free without any trouble. To remove individual lashes, apply gentle use of tweezers by grasping the tips of the lashes. Be careful not to grab or pull your real lashes.
  • Remove all traces of remaining eye make-up and lash glue with more swabs or make-up removal pads and additional make-up remover. Work gently and be sure to be thorough. Then you may wash your face as usual without worry that any stray bits of glue are hanging around.

How to Store False Eyelashes

So you’ve gotten the hang of applying false eyelashes, as well as properly and safely removing them by now… but what about storing them? Although most women don’t consider how to store false eyelashes until it’s time to do so, how you go about doing it is actually really important. Whether or not you do it properly will dictate how many uses you’ll actually be able to get out of them. Here’s how to make sure you do it right!

  • When you purchase your false eyelashes, look for sets that come with a case included. This will naturally represent the best option for storing and organizing your false lashes after use.
  • In the event you lose your case or wind up with lashes that didn’t come with one, try using a small box – such as a match box – to keep the lashes organized and safe from harm. Never, ever simply throw lashes in a drawer or into a container with other items.
  • Upon removing your false eyelashes, take care to remove any and all remnants of lash glue before storing. The strip of adhesive that holds your lashes in place can be easily removed by gently grasping and pulling with the fingers.
  • After removing the lash glue, place the lashes on a clean tissue or towel. Dip a cotton ball or make-up removal pad in cold cream or eye make-up remover and use it to remove all traces of mascara (and any remaining glue residue) by gently rubbing from root to tip until lashes are clean.
  • Place lashes carefully in your designated container, seal, and set aside until the next time you want to add a little extra glamour to your life!